CRMNEXT gives you one place to create and track all requests, delivering tasks to the correct departments for faster completion
— the first time, every time.

Curious how CRMNEXT could work for you?

"Customer service shouldn't
just be a department;
it should be the entire company."

– Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos
Positive experiences
influence 75% of customer
decisions in banking.¹
70% of bank
customer attrition is
caused by poor service,
not poor products.²

Raising the Bar: Customer Expectations³

Average person has
17 interactions per month
with their financial institution.⁴

Digital simplicity and speed of engagement drive trust, loyalty and retention.

Simplify products, redefine workflows
to better serve customers.

and Simplicity Rule
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Intelligent routing of requests between digital and assisted channels
increases profitability up to 15%.⁵

Consistent experiences expected
across all touchpoints, in real-time.

Transform internal processes as a
starting point to adapt.

Channel Uniformity Assumed
up to


Eight in 10 people use a device
to complete banking activities.⁶

Consumers expect things to work –
always, quickly, and without friction.

Core integration is a must.

Technology as an Enabler
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Exceeding the Bar: CRMNEXT Transcends

Any Employee Can Address Any Need, Anytime.


Capture 100%
of info from all systems
in Customer 360


Eliminate 60%
of manual tasks
through automation


Resolve cases
90% faster
– the first time

Sources: ¹ PwC 2018; ² Temkin; ³ 2021 Digital Banking Report; ⁴; ⁵ BCG; ⁶ Forbes

Simplify Work. Drive Growth.
Deliver on Experience.
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