CRMNEXT allows easy access to required fields for routine customer and account maintenance, with built-in guardrails for data governance and mitigation from the consequences of inaccurate entry.

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"The challenge is to find a comfortable balance
between the competing elements of trust ,
convenience, data security and innovation.⁷"

The Balancing Act:
Data Accessibility vs. Data Security
Data access problems impede
financial institutions’ ability to handle
requests in a timely manner.⁴
80% of bankers report their
data requires periodic cleanup
or manual workarounds to be useful.⁴
Data Accessibility
44% of customers
report significant friction when trying to update account information.⁶
81% who have
difficulty plan to spread negative word of mouth about their experience.⁵
Most customers report loyalty-eroding problems due to
obstacles in achieving prompt issue resolution.¹
  • 56% have to re-explain the issue
  • 57% have to switch from web to phone
  • 59% are transferred between agents
  • 62% have to contact support repeatedly
Financial institutions that give their staff the tools to directly handle
requests and solve issues realize measurable gains.²
up to


Employee productivity
increases up to 20%


Customer satisfaction
increases 11%


Customer effort
decreases by 9%
Data Security
Data Integrity Issues Impact Everything

Risk and Regulatory Compliance

  • Increased penalties and fines
  • Credit assessment and investment risks
  • Higher compliance costs

Business Operations

  • Reduced productivity
  • Decreased throughput and longer processing times
  • Increased rework to correct inaccuracies

Financial Performance

  • Increased operating costs and IT expense
  • Decreased revenue and cash flow delays
  • Reduced business confidence and organizational trust
Data Governance Helps Financial Institutions⁴


compliance risk and adhere to regulations


service quality and reduce customer attrition


profitability and operational effectiveness


more informed and real-time decision making
CRMNEXT: Checks and Balances
Employee Empowerment
  • Unlock maintenance access to relevant fields
  • Provide immediate servicing for better client experience
Compliance Mindset
  • Avoid exposing risk-prone fields to prevent compliance consequences
  • Preserve data security with built-in guardrails
Sources: ¹ 2010 Graphic; ² Gartner; ³ 2015; ⁴ Capgemini 2017;
⁵ 2010 Article; ⁶ Capgemini 2021; ⁷ Signavio
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