Loans are the growth engine of the credit union.

But... legacy technology might be slowing you down. It’s time for a platform that will facilitate growth. One where the lead process is optimized and keeps everyone who should be in-the-know up to date with current statuses and contact information.

In other words, a platform that takes the guessing game out of the loan process.

That’s where CRMNEXT comes in.

Curious how CRMNEXT could work for you?

"As a former frontline banker, I know how hard it is to handle taking a loan application... With CRMNEXT, we take out the guessing game."

– Carol Clagett, Sr. Director of Customer Success
Stats that “counterbalance”


2011: Banks and credit
unions held 50% of
mortgage market share. (Finastra)


2020: Bank and credit
union share of mortgages
drops to 21%. (Finastra)
By the Numbers (Industry stuff)

According to a report from CUNA, the nation’s 5,171 credit unions had 130.4 million members as of the end of the third quarter 2021. The report also showed:

• Assets were $2.05 trillion, up 12.9% from a year ago
• Total loans were $1.25 trillion, up 5.4% from a year ago
• Loans per member were $9,590, up 2% from a year ago
• Savings were $1.78 trillion, up 14.4% from a year ago
• Savings per member were $13,646, up 10.7% from a year ago
• Surplus funds (cash plus investments) were $715.1 billion, up 28.7% from a year ago

Only 17% of financial institutions listed utilizing customer data as a primary method to increase market share. (CSI)
Financial Institutions graded themselves a mediocre 2.8/5 for collecting and using customer data to expand their market share. (CSI)
Personal loan applicants 2x more likely to abandon process than any other type of loan applicant - lenders should improve data gathering efforts leverage technology to accelerate approval decisions for personal loans. (Raddon Research)
51.4% of credit unions reported offering online new loan applications.
(Callahan’s Annual Credit Union Directory - Volume 36)
62% of recent homebuyers would be interested in handling their next mortgage completely online. (Finastra)


49% of members experience a medium to high friction level when applying for a loan or mortgage
(Capgemi - World Retail Banking Report 2021)


Up to 40% of borrowers will accept a mortgage with a higher rate for a better member experience
(FileInvite - How Can Mortgage Lenders Compete with Digital-First Solutions?)
Better with CRMNEXT
Let’s be real. People want to give you their money. They have funds at their disposal and if the experience is a good one, they’ll choose your credit union to service their loan rather than the impersonal bank down the street. But to capture those loans and increase market share, and ensure your team is able to deliver a seamless and positive process for your members and prospects, you need a platform that unites all your data all in one place, so that:
Acting on leads is simple and straightforward
Info is shared between frontline workers and loan officers in near real-time
Recommending more personalized product offerings is as easy as a click
Upselling is a more streamlined process
That’s what CRMNEXT does best. We’re the CRM platform built for credit unions and our promise to you is to simplify work, drive growth, and deliver on experience.
Simplify Work. Drive Growth.
Deliver on Experience.
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