The Contest recognizes credit unions and community banks whose fantastic displays of ingenuity and innovation are transforming the communities they serve.

If your financial institution has been going “above-and-beyond” or operating “outside-of-the-box” to support the lives of members, customers, or employees, we want to know. Nominate your superhero to join our financial justice league.

Have a superhero in mind?

Entry Deadline
Entry Deadline
August 27
Contest Opens
Contest Opens
June 28
Winners Announced
Winners Announced
September 13

Need Inspiration?

Check out our Top Finalists from last year’s contest.

The Origin Story

Curious as to why we need our heroes now more than ever?

Every superhero has an origin story, and you’re most likely familiar with a lot of them. Spider-man was bitten by a radioactive spider. Superman is a powerful alien adopted and raised by earthlings to be virtuous and good. And then there’s Thor, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, and the list goes on. While the roster and powers of these heroes are prolific, one thing remains true: they aren’t real.

So, what about the superheroes in our world that aren’t fictional? Do they exist? In fact, they do. Exemplars in our communities, banks and credit unions do more good and heavy-lifting than Superman could ever aspire to achieve. Members of the financial justice league, they battled the “Corona-villain,” using their resources to help every community and industry during the pandemic.

Now, financial institutions turn their attention to a new antagonist, the Status-Quo Bot, bent on resisting change and staying in the dark ages of innovation. It’s time for banks and credit unions to rise up and show the Status-Quo Bot that financial institutions thrive on creativity and progress. Join the fight and share how your financial institution has resisted the winds of stagnation and improved the lives of members, customers, and employees. We’re counting on you.

Don’t forget about your superhero!